Tuesday, January 8, 2013

1.8.13 Westward Expansion (Louisiana Territory)

Objective: Historians of 2017 will (1) identify the causes and effects of the United States decision to acquire the Louisiana territory; (2) evaluate the United States decision to acquire the Louisiana territory

Task 1: Introduction to Unit #5 (Westward Expansion and Manifest Destiny) 

Task 2: From 1783 to 1853, the United States acquired (gained control) of all the territory above. How do you think the United States gained control of so much land in such a short amount of time? Provide at least two ways you think the US gained control of all this territory. (complete the Google Moderator

Task 3: The Louisiana Territory. Open and create a copy of today's classwork. Use today's reading to complete the classwork.

Task 4: View the following video on the Louisiana Purchase 

Task 5: Use the following presentation to hep you review today's CW 

Task 6: Exit ticket. Go to Socrative use the room number kippsfbay8. Type in your First and Last name in order to receive credit.

Homework: Use your classwork to help you complete your homework assignment. Homework completion form. 

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