Wednesday, January 9, 2013

1.10.13 (President Andrew Jackson)

Objective: Historians of 2017 will (1) analyze political cartoons and create an opinion about the presidency of Andrew Jackson; (2) describe how Jackson was was different from previous presidents

Task 1: (Do Now) Study the map and answer the following questions 

Task 2: (President Jackson Preview -Document) Do you think President Jackson was a good or bad president?  

Task 3: Based on the political cartoons you analyzed, do you think Andrew Jackson was a good or bad president? (Google Moderator) 

Task 4: (President Jackson Preview) How was Andrew Jackson different from all previous presidents? 

Task 5: Create a copy of today's classwork and use the reading to complete the classwork. 

Extension Opportunities: 
Andrew Jackson - Good, Evil, and the Presidency 
The Hermitage - Jackson's Home

Homework: Finish your classwork and complete the  homework completion form. 

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