Monday, January 14, 2013

1.15.13 Trail of Tears

Objective: Historians of 2017 will analyze arguments in favor of Indian Removal 

Why did some people in the 1830s 
support Indian Removal? 

Task 1: Study the painting above and complete the Do Now

Task 2:Open and create a copy of today's classwork.

Task 3: Read and annotate Document A and B. As you read each article focus on the central question for today - Why did some people in the 1830s support Indian Removal?

    1. Make a copy of this document and rename (first.last.1.15.13.readings)
    2. Insert a comment for each paragraph
      1. brief summary
      2. write a question
      3. make a connection

Task 4: After annotating each document answer the document based questions on the classwork.

Above and Beyond: 
Learn about Southeast Tribes
A Journey of Injustice 
The Cherokee Nation 
Trail of Tears Association 
The West - Trail of Tears 

Exit ticket: Go to Socrative use the room number kippsfbay8. Type in your First and Last name in order to receive credit.

Homework: Trail of Tears Part 1 After reading the article complete the homework completion form

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