Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1.17.13 Trail of Tears

Objective: Historians of 2017 will analyze the effect of the Indian Removal Act on the Cherokee Nation and other indigenous peoples of the United States

Task 1: Study the painting above and complete the Do Now

Task 2: The American Experience - Trail of Tears

Task 3: Trail of Tears (RAFT Assignment)

  • Create a copy of this assignment and rename it (first.last.trailoftearsraft)

Extension Opportunities: 
The American Experience - Trail of Tears
Learn about Southeast Tribes
A Journey of Injustice 
The Cherokee Nation 
Trail of Tears Association 
The West - Trail of Tears 

Exit ticket: Go to Socrative use the room number kippsfbay8. Type in your First and Last name in order to receive credit.

Homework: Complete the Trail of Tears RAFT assignment. 
***If you decide to complete this assignment using another program other than Google Docs complete this homework completion form

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