Tuesday, January 22, 2013

1.23.13 Oregon Territory

Objective: Historians of 2017 will describe how the United States acquired the Oregon Territory 
Task 1: Study the map above and complete the Do Now 

Task 2: Stanford admits 725 early applicants from record-breaking pool

Task 3: Territory F (Oregon). How did the United States acquire the Oregon territory? Create a copy of today's classwork. Use the following reading to complete today's classwork. 

Extension Opportunities: 
Interactive United States Westward Expansion Map
PBS - The West documentary (Oregon Territory)
Oregon Trail - National Historic Website 

Task 4: (Exit ticket) Go to Socrative use the room number kippsfbay8. Type in your First and Last name in order to receive credit.

Homework: US Territorial Acquisition Graphic Organizer. Complete a homework completion form

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