Sunday, December 2, 2012

12.3.12 Chromebooks / Washington's Farewell Address


  • Historians of 2017 will review the importance of following classroom procedures and expectations when using Chromebooks
  • Historians of 2017 will analyze Washington's Farewell Address

Task 1: As a class we will watch a Mr. Sanders video production to help us review the importance of taking special care of our Chromebooks. 

Task 2: Complete this form to help provide Mr. Rivera some important information.

Task 3: Read about President Washington's accomplishments on this website and complete page one of your classwork. 

Task 4: What message did George Washington send the nation in his farewell address? Read about it here.

Task 5: (Extra Credit) Rephrase Washington's quotes in your own words on page three of the classwork. 

Above and Beyond: Quizlet (study the flashcards for Unit 4 - The Young Republic

Homework: Complete Young Republic Quiz # 1 corrections 

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