Monday, December 17, 2012

12.17.12 Quarter 2 Benchmark Review (day 2)

Objective: Historians of 2017 will use multiple resources to review for the Quarter 2 History Benchmark 

Task 1: Access your Google Drive and open the Quarter 2 Benchmark Review Sheet you started working on last week. The document may be under the "shared with me" link. You and your teammates will have the entire class time to collaborate and complete this assignment. 
Each student that works on the document must use a different color font (red, purple, blue or green) 

Task 2: The student who created a copy of the review sheet must complete the homework completion form for the group. 

Task 3: Use Quizlet to help you review key vocabulary term for Units 1-4

Task 4: Review the available videos on Mr. Rivera's Youtube Channel to help you review key topics studied in class throughout Quarter 1 and 2 

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