Monday, January 6, 2014

1.7.14 Florida Territory (Westward Expansion)

Objective: Historians of 2018 will (1) explain how the United States acquired Florida; (2) evaluate the United States' actions in acquiring the Florida Territory

Task 1: (Review) The Louisiana Territory

Task 2: The Florida Territory. Create a copy of today's classwork and reading. After each paragraph create a "comment" and write either a summary sentence or thought-provoking question. Use the reading to complete the rest of the classwork. 

Task 3: Google Moderator 

1. Nickname: Type your first name. last initial

  • example: john.d
  • 2. Location: SF Bay
    3. Click save
    4. Click on submit and idea: type your response to the question

    Extension Opportunities: 

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